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Bruce Lee's Strengths. Chuck Norris: The truth is Lee was a formidable opponent with a chiseled physique and technique. Chuck Norris: Bruce Lee learned from everybody. He had a very open mind. He never believed in only one martial arts style or that one was superior A contemporary of Lee's, Chuck Norris has built an acting and speaking career out of his dominance in martial arts tournaments. In contemporary culture, Bruce Lee is seen as a legendary figure with super-human abilities. Norris is still respected in martial arts circles for his skill, but in contemporary.. Carlos Ray Norris (born March 10, 1940) is an American martial artist, actor, film producer and screenwriter. After serving in the United States Air Force, he competed as a martial artist.. Neither Bruce Lee nor Chuck Norris ever fought anyone in a proper fight of any kind, except as children or youths. Norris may have fought in the early days of Contact Karate though. There is a video clip said to be of Lee doing one round in some kind of full-contact martial art contest but the..

Bob Wall, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Well, Chuck Norris and I were 50-50 partners in a chain of martial arts schools and he was speaking on the phone to Bruce. After getting off the phone Chuck said he was going to Rome to be in a film (Way of the dragon- 1972) with Bruce Chuck Norris se fait exploser par Bruce Lee. Bruce lee y chuck norris tuvieron un hijo See more of Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris on Facebook. Bruce Lee was born into a performing family; His mother gave birth to him in the year of the dragon on Nov. 27, 1940 in San Francisco's Chinatown, while his parents were on tour with a Chinese opera company Chuck Norris discusses meeting Bruce Lee and working with him in their early films

Chuck Norris is a former world champion and Karate Grand Master. That's the main reason Bruce Lee wanted him in the movie Way of the Dragon, because he Chuck Norris: I've been very blessed with my film career. It all began with Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee came to New York when I fought for the world.. Nebezpečný boj dvoch filmových legiend: Bruce Lee a Chuck Norris. Ukážka je z filmu Cesta draka z roku 1972. Video pridal používateľ jackie do Search Results of bruce lee vs chuck norris. Chuck Norris: I Know How Bruce Lee Really Died. Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central 3 months ago

Chuck Norris was one of a few top 1960's competitors who trained WITH Bruce. They shared techniques and Bruce improved Chuck's speed and non-telegraphy. He did the same with Mike Stone and Bob Wall and more so with Joe Lewis. Bruce had the aim of being able to say he trained world.. Efsane film Way of the Dragon'un Collesium'da gecen efsanevi finali. Bruce Lee mi dover, Chuck Norris'mi geyiginin bittigi noktadir ayrica. Norris'in apoletleriyle, Lee'nin salvar pantolonunu es gecip, Bruce Lee abimizin delikanli tavrilarini da saygiyla izleyelim Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee? Chuck was payed $100,000 to pretend in that movie he was beaten by Bruce. Bruce even admitted it. the REAL fight has never happened to this day I think that between the two, Chuck Norris would win. I believe this because Chuck Norris has been skilled in the art of choreography and has exercised regularly. He has more muscle mass then Bruce Lee. As for Chuck Norris' character, he also has the spirit of the indians around him Chuck Norris starts the fight by pissing himself due to Bruce Lee's just being way better than Chuck Norris

natürlich bruce lee ! jedes kind weiß doch dass chuck norris eher ein tv-held ist auch wenn er auch sportliche erfolge hat. aber bruce lee ist keine tv-legende sondern der beste kämpfer seiner zeit (und die kämpfer von damals will ich nicht mit den heutigen vergleichen denn die heutigen sind nur pussys.. No, Bruce Lee defeating Chuck Norris doesn't count since it was an acted out, scripted movie with a predetermined winner in which all the martial artists were I think the fact that Chuck Norris himself called Bruce Lee a true martial arts master should suffice as proof that he's more than just an actor Chuck Norris IS a legend. But Bruce Lee was an even greater karate legend. Chuck discusses what it was like to fight Lee. Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached According to martial arts icon Chuck Norris, he had an influential role in teaching the legendary Bruce Lee how to kick at a crucial stage in his career. Norris first met Lee after winning the All American Karate Open Championships at Madison Square Garden in 1967 - Chuck Norris. Bruce Lee is by far one of the most iconic figures in the world of martial arts. His martial arts techniques, along with his appearances in Here is what Norris says caused Lee's death: So what happened, when he was in Hong Kong, preparing for his next movie, he was working with a..

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Bruce Lee: Chuck Norris: Edited September 29, 2012 by Beat Shock. Bruce Lee kinda kicks Chuck Norris' ass. There's really no argument because, well, the fight is right here and Bruce Lee wins You could argue that Bruce Lee was the greatest action star for the same reason that you could argue that Biggie Smalls was the greatest rapper: Neither Norris starts out by beating the shit out of Lee. But Lee recovers, adapts, finds a rhythm, and wears Norris down. By the end, Norris knows he's.. In the case of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, this is easy, as they both hit their primes roughly at the same time, in the late nineteen-sixties to early seventies. By this time Norris was at his most successful stage as a Karate competitor, and Lee had amassed most of his Martial Arts experience.. Chuck Norris is without a doubt one of the most influential figures in martial arts during the second half of the Twentieth Century. As a karate champion he was a trailblazer in introducing that sport to America. As an actor, his movies picked up where Bruce Lee's left off in popularizing Eastern martial arts in the..

Bruce Lee can fight. Chuck can roundhouse kick the commentators into the sun. Lets see..... according to Uncyclopedia, it would be Bruce Lee, as the Bruce actually killed the Norris once Chuck Norris never beat Bruce Lee because the two never faced off in the ring. After Lee's death, actor and martial arts expert Chuck Norris only had good things to say about him. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee did spend time sparring together, but the two never had an official match to determine who.. Chuck Norris was one of a few top 1960's competitors who trained WITH Bruce. They shared techniques and Bruce improved Chuck's speed and non-telegraphy. He did the same with Mike Stone and Bob Wall and more so with Joe Lewis. Bruce had the aim of being able to say he trained world.. Chuck Norris wasn't even funny in '05, Bruce Lee Invented Jeet Kune Do, Of course he won. At 7/14/07 02:06 PM, Kreator0943 wrote: Bruce Lee would destroy Chuck Norris, give me a break. Bruce did all the moves you see in his movies, Chuck does the lamest fakest moves in Texas Ranger gif Cat Chuck Norris bruce lee. Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris Comments (0). Comment Rules

Search, discover and share your favorite Chuck Norris Vs Bruce Lee GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY Carlos Ray Norris vs Bruce Lee. Created by: wolfdragon123. Jubilee (Full Potential) (Jubilation Lee) Judge Death Judge Dredd (Joseph Dredd) Judge Fear Judge Fire Judge Mortis Juggernaut (Cain Marko) Juggernaut (8th Day) (Cain Marko) Juggernaut (Classic) (Cain Marko) Juggernaut (FOX).. 78 year old Lebell has worked with Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Ed Parker, and other famous martial artists as well as MMA fighters such as Karo Parisyan. A high ranking master in Jujutsu and Judo, he is also a famous Judo champion. He is a recognized figure for working with nearly every kind of martial..

Bruce Lee Was a Teacher, Not a Fighter. 1. He didn't have a lot a ton of experience taking punches to the face. Compared to MMA guys or boxers who Was Bruce Lee a real fighter? Obviously. Could Bruce Lee win in a fight against Chuck Norris? It's hard to say for sure, but poring over stories and.. Lee directed Norris in the classic movie Way of the Dragon, but they first met in the '60s. They became fast friends, talking about their philosophies and Chuck said he had to get back to his hotel, turns out Bruce was staying at the same hotel. They got back around midnight, and ended up meeting up in the.. Bruce Lee revolutionized Hollywood and the movie industry with his short time in the industry as an Asian actor. A lead Asian actor at that and not just a stand in. In short, Bruce Lee will always win in the Epic and never ending Bruce Lee VS. Chuck Norris Battle Chuck Norris - Bruce Lee ve En Çok Izlenen Tv Videoları Vidivodo'da

create your own Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris meme using our quick meme generator. Chuck norris counted to infinity- twice bruce lee uses l'hopital's rule to solve indeterminant forms First of all, did Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee ever fight in real life? If they did, is it humanly possible that Bruce Lee was beaten? One unknown factor is how mean Chuck Norris was vs Lee. Lee was a reknowned street fighter in China who got in scraps all the time

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Diskusia. Súvisiace videá. Ruský Chuck Norris00:452217 pozretí. Dnes obsluhuje Bruce Lee02:431101 pozretí Hands down. Chuck is good IRL but Bruce is just an expert. I would of loved to see a Jet Li vs Bruce lee fight though huehuehue. chuck norris would have beaten him to a pulp before bruce lee could blink

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OK, so I know both of these dudes were actors, they were both trained in differing martial arts techniques and there's even been a Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee film, but this debate still chimes on decades after the burning question was thrown from the lips of martial art fans and movie geeks.. Well we now know where and how the Chuck Norris facts started and what he thinks about them. That really leaves only one more question to be answered. Was Chuck Norris as good as Bruce Lee? That has been a question that has been circulating ever since Chuck Norris hit the big time Chuck Norris can split the atom with his bare hands. This fact is like many found on his official website, ChuckNorris.com. Cover photographs and illustrations include such martial arts luminaries as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Mas Oyama, Joe Lewis, Gene LeBell as well as celebrity practitioners like Sean.. Chuck Norris: Bruce Lee wanted to do more than just beat me, PS: Chuck Norris is 76 years old now and he is still training Pályázat. Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris. 2

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  1. Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and a kitten. Rate it
  2. Seriously chuck would've wooped his ass in real life. Tiny Kid Goes Move For Move With Bruce Lee. Holiday Greetings From Chuck Norris. Two Guys Find Russian Chuck Norris In The Woods
  3. Chuck Norris is an actor who just happens to be somewhat adept at martial arts. Bruce Lee was, by all accounts (of those who met him), the man who had completed martial arts. Like, got all the achievements. He's pretty much the base of what we perceive as the modern martial artist

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#bruce lee #chuck norris #way of the dragon #golden harvest #hong kong cinema #hong kong action #jeet kune do #karate #martial arts films #classic cinema In 1972, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris faced off in Way of the Dragon. Here, that fight has been reimagined as a Shenmue style quick time event. If you've never seen the original fight, do yourself the favor of watching it, sans button icons Directed by Anthony Bui, Anthony Ma. With Nathan Byler, Anthony Ma. A re-imagining of the epic battle between the two legends: Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Who will come out on top? And how will they do it Back in 2014, Chuck Norris did a Q&A session on YouTube. He made an interesting comment about himself and Bruce Lee. Norris is well into his In fact, Norris even dabbled in Jiu Jitsu decades ago. Bruce Lee similarly knew his way around various martial arts. It's not a stretch to think that both could..

i was just bored.vote if you like you win a cookie (yeah right Charles Norris (real name: Mexican Ray Norris) is a rather boring karate champion, a dedicated christfag, hairy bear, and star of Walker, Texas Ranger which means he's a republican. Norris is also indirectly responsible for an old internet meme..

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Chuck Norris ist anscheinend doch nicht unschlagbar! Mit Bruce Lee hat Chuck Norris seinen Meister gefunden Rogan commentated on the showdown between the legendary Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Aside from being a UFC broadcaster, Rogan is also a TV and radio host. Fans tune in to watch Rogan in his unique brand of 'brutal honesty' and comedic lines, along with the fact that the guy just knows a great.. Bruce Lee was about the fastest martial artist ever and Chuck Norris was the most tactical. I have been in the company of both of them and can tell you May favorite of all Chuck Norris's movies is A Force of One and my Favorite Bruce Lee movie is Enter The Dragon. Had he lived longer I am certain.. A compilation of Top 10 Bruce Lee moments: Proves why Bruce Lee is still a legend 40 years after his death. Home » People & Stunts & Videos » Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris Bruce Lee, born Lee Jun-Fan on November 27th, 1940, was a Chinese American actor, martial arts instructor, film director/producer, screenwriter, philosopher, and most importantly, founder of the Jeet Kune Bruce Lee defeated Chuck Norris. Problem, people who think Chuck Norris jokes are funny

Chuck Norris was doing martial arts for around 7 years before he met Bruce Lee in 1965. However, they were good friends and did train together, sharing philosophies and techniques. And Lee invited Norris to have a fight scene with him in his movie, Way of the Dragon (Return of the Dragon.. Chuck norris has to tell bruce lee something. Chuck Noriss's bushy American beard tingled with excitement as he had his love letter to Bruce Lee in his back pocket. Bruce Lee came into his sight a red hue came on Chuck's cheek way of the dragon filminde gerçekleşen karşılaşmadır. chuck norris henüz çıplak elleriyle testere durduracak skillde olmadığı için bruce lee'den temiz bir dayak yemiştir. bruce lee vs chuck norris I didn't even know Bruce and Chuck were ever in a movie together, but someone found and posted this excellent clip of the two of them going at it! Having a father who enjoyed watching Chuck Norris movies, I didn't realise that Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris made a movie together until at least ten..

Bruce Lee! 16/01. admin. Comments Off on Chuck Norris only threat! Bruce Lee! Funny Pictures. Not safe for work It was there that Norris acquired the nickname Chuck and began his training in Tang Soo Do (tangsudo), an interest that led to black belts in that art and In 1968, when Norris competed for the World Title, Bruce Lee , who at the time was known for the TV series The Green Hornet , noticed him Bruce Lee would obviously win... people think that Chuck Norris is good because he is American so he is well known. In way of the dragon bruce lee beat chuck norris and at the time he had no beard. Now chuck has his beard he defeated bruce lee, therefore get rid of the beard and get rid of his power Bruce Lee Chuck Norris, Enter The Dragon, Way Of The Dragon, Kung Fu, Jun, Martial Arts Movies, Martial Artists, Bruce Lee Master, Bruce Lee Martial Arts This is Lee's only complete directorial film. The film co-stars Nora Miao, Robert Wall, Hwang In-shik, with Chuck Norris playing his debut screen role

Chuck Norris gave a martial arts demonstration at the 1975 Sand Diego Comic-Con convention. Before the exhibition, he spoke briefly about his late-friend, Bruce Lee. He explained how Bruce Lee injured his back and what really caused his death, in 1973 Sidekicks - Chuck Norris vs Kelly Stone. Chuck Norris Fight Scenes (Breaker Breaker 1977). Bruce Lee True speed. bruce lee की 5 world records जो कोई जिंदगी मैं तोर नहीं सकता... Top 10 Bruce Lee's Best Fighting Scenes Ever [HD] - Original... Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris Hauptrolle: Bruce Lee Chuck Norris. DVD-Auflagenjahr: 2009 Chuck norris is a martal artist, one of the best in the world, even today, someone said hes no Bruce Lee, your right, hes not Bruce Lee, hes Chuck Norris, he douse what works for him, hes no better no worse than anyone els, knowing how to pertect your self is inportant, but any real fighter will tell you..

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Bruce Lee Workout Bruce Lee Training Bruce Lee Chuck Norris Chuck Norris Facts Bruce Lee Facts Bruce Lee Photos Karate Martial Arts Kung Fu. Bruce Lee Quotes On Fighting. Death once had a near-Chuck-Norris experience. phucking love it Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon is a photographic catalog of all facets of this fascinating man, from the start of his career to his Millions of people worldwide know Chuck Norris as the star of more than twenty motion pictures, a martial arts expert, and the only man in the Western.. Brucelee. Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris HD. 3 anni fa. Es una parte de la Pelicula Way of the Dragon (El regreso del Dragon ) . Top 10 Greatest Bruce Lee Moments Subscribe: goo.gl/Q2kKrD Bruce Lee is the most legendary martial artist of all time

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  1. Bruce Lee. Брэндона Ли, Идол, Цитаты Брюса Ли, Маленький Дракон, Школа Ушу Вин Чунь, Тхэквондо, Легенды, Актрисы, Люди. chuck norris & bruce lee greatest martial arts experts of all time
  2. Bruce Lee Kung Fu, Bruce Lee Art, Bruce Lee Martial Arts, Bruce Lee Photos, Brandon Lee, Karate, Dolph Lundgren, Jackie Chan, Martial Arts Movies. Chuck Norris & Bruce Lee. Defines awesome. Sean P Kelley
  3. Brandon Lee Bruce Lee Martial Arts Bruce Lee Family Bruce Lee Photos Martial Arts Movies Little Dragon Chuck Norris Jackie Chan Wing Chun. Bruce Lee's daughter reflects on the philosophies and inspiration her late father cultivated throughout his acclaimed career. | Shannon Lee, CEO of the..
  4. Bruce Lee VS Chuck Norris REAL FIGHT (ONLY FOOTAGE IN EXISTENCE). Steven Ho Hits Conan With Bruce Lee's One Inch Punch - CONAN on TBS
  5. In Bruce Lee's entire life, there was one important person to be mentioned, Joe Lewis, a well-known World Karate Champion Grand master and the father of Lewis was the original pick of Bruce Lee for the villain Colt in Way of the Dragon, but the role ended up going to Chuck Norris instead
  6. On December 2, 2010, Chuck Norris and his brother Aaron Norris were designated as an Honorary Texas Rangers by Texas Governor Rick Perry in Garland, TX. Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris real match

funny-noooo-meme-Chuck-Norris (chuck norris is still better than bruce lee). This is ridiculously funny! (it'll never happen)-- The day we have feared most has come,Chuck Norris is Justin Beiber's friend. But Bruce Lee? It's about time the Internet recognized true awesomeness i bought the first bruce lee game in 1984 for my atari 800 and i loved it .my friend had the c 64 version..we wanted a bruce lee 2 so badly...we would have killed to get something like this in 84 I feel like Chuck Norris should have been undefeatable in order to stay true to his legend Bruce Lee l Martial Arts Master. Strength and Physique: Building the Bruce Lee Physique. bruce norris or chuck lee. Brice Lee and Bobo, Shaw Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. A special filter has been applied to allow normal human beings to view this photo. 37 people died in the making of this.. chuck norris approves of this pin. best chuck norris fact ever! wondering if i should have a Chuck Norris Board.dunno why i find those jokes so hilarious. Manly Men's Humor: Chuck Norris like rare meat! SOME Chuck Norris jokes make me laugh Considering that Bruce Lee is simultaneously known for being one of the greatest martial artists to have ever lived and dying before he'd ever have a chance So the next time someone tries to tell you Bruce Lee is the best fighter in history because he beat Chuck Norris in one of his films, remind them that..

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  1. This is the fight scene that puts Chuck Norris against David Carradine from the movie Lone Wolf McQuade from 1983. I don't own Colt (Chuck Norris), a top fighter, arrives from America to help the Boss (Jon T. Benn) take on Dragon (Bruce Lee) and his team
  2. 20. Chuck Norris. Not many people know that he actually competed in numerous karate competitions when he was younger and won numerous awards and championships during his Karate run. What makes him a great martial artist is that much like Bruce Lee he combined numerous martial arts..
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  4. Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris. und original verschweißt EAN: 9002986614593. CHF 11,22. Aus Deutschland. Der Gigant - Chuck Norris - Christopher Lee, Steve Carver DVD Neu
  5. Chuck Norris vs. Allen Steen - Grand-Champion Final Match (International 1966). MrNorrisVideos. Bruce Lee's Big Fight With Karate Grandmaster Joe Lewis: What Really Happened

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Bruce Lee Tribute 2013. Канал: Matúš 2013-04-29 - 08:34:48. Guiles Theme Song Goes With Everything Fresh Prince Pool Hustle. Top 10 Reasons Bruce Lee May Have Been Superhuman. Канал: TopTenz 2014-03-11 - 07:27:10. Chuck Norris Vs. Bruce Lee April 12 On CNBC Bruce Lee&Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Bruce Lee&Bob Wall. 11 years Para mi Bruce Lee seguira siendo el mejor peleador del mindo sin embargo no hay que desmerecer a Chuck Norris campeón mundial de Karato Do un excelente representante de las artes marciales, y mi gran motivador para seguir entrenando Karate Shotokan Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris? Will Bruce Lee put his greatest student to school? Lee was also famous for teaching his famous opponent Chuck Norris and once shared a battle on screen. Even though Way of the Dragon showed a winner between the two of them, it was scripted, so therefore it..

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  1. Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris. jesusgonzalez Subscribe Unsubscribe 0. Pelea de Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris
  2. Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris are two of the best known martial artists in the world, and have been regarded as top entertainment fighters for decades. They have been internationally celebrated for their unique fighting styles and expertise. But if they were both in the arena, who would win the fight
  3. Jan 25, 2017 · Jan. 25, 2017. How Bruce Lee Exploded a Stereotype With a One-Inch PunchHow Bruce Lee Exploded a Stereotype With a One-Inch Punch. By Daniel McDermon. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee in The Way of the Dragon, the only film Lee directed. Credit2010 Fortune Star Media Limited. Image
  4. Bruce Lee has a certain it factor that draws your attention to him every time he's on screen. Every fight he is involved in is pure entertainment. This is of course capped off by his legendary showdown with Chuck Norris. That moment is a memorable one for fans of martial arts movies
  5. bruce lee.. un genio del arte marcial más que genio fue un maestro. jackie chan y jet lee lo nombran como su maestro. Bruce lee fue un genio del CINE, esos otros grandes artistas marciales que nombrás son también ACTORES DE PELÍCULAS
  6. He was a huge Bruce Lee fan, and I idolized Chuck Norris. We used to argue all the time about who would have won in a real fight. I say would have because this was in 1990 and Bruce died in 1973. Who would have thought that I'd find that answer out years later from those who knew both of these..
  7. - Chuck Norris. It's still considered the greatest Boss Fight in on-screen martial arts history. Tang Vs. Sensei Colt at the end of Way of the Dragon in the hallways of the Coliseum. Chuck Norris played the American Sensei in the first screen performance of his life, against the one and only Bruce Lee

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  1. AI is random. 5/25/13 '''Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee by OrcaCat AKA PiesAreSquared. Created 5/25/13''' def askplayer(): '''Asks which player the human wants to be''' ans = while ans !
  2. 1,398 fans Become a Fan. Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris. Bruce Lee was was born in the Chinese year of the
  3. Join Chuck Norris and Trigger the Vote today. Protect your Second Amendment rights and let your voice be heard. After all, everyone would like to throw in moves like Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris. However, not m
  4. Chuck Norris Vs. Bruce Lee - The Lobby. Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris go toe-to-toe in EA Sport's UFC
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  6. Chuck Norris Vs. Bruce Lee